Happy Mother Ocean Day

A Celebration of the very place our life evolved from.

It seems that today is Mother Ocean Day, a celebration originally introduced by the South Florida Kayak Fishing Club in 2013. It is a celebration of the beauty of our oceans.

The sea was always a special place for my mother and, consequently, me as I pretty much grew up playing and adventuring on its shores.

I’ve just recently returned from cruising in the north Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Denmark with an amazing week stop over on the Faroe Islands. Prior to that, in December last year, I spent an amazing week driving round the North Coast 500 in my native Scotland.

I only have to stand at a shore to instantly drift away from all of the troubles and aches of today’s exhausting society.

The pictures here are a celebration of the spectacular, breathtaking raw beauty of our oceans and the life in and around them. They are from my recent travels, and I am thrilled to share them with you.

I hope to see them takes you away from your desk and gives you something of the joy and sense of adventure that inspired them. Happy Mother Ocean Day to you all. #motheroceanday

Seagulls flying above the waves.
Seagulls fishing off the north coast of Scotland
Sunset among the mountains and lochs of Scotland
Sunset on the west coast of Scotland
Icebergs drifting from a glacier.
Chunks of ice drifting away from the Vatnajökull Glacier in Iceland
Waves break over a chunk of ice
Waves breaking on Diamond Beach, Iceland
Island mountains rising out of the sea at the Faroe Islands
Sailing into the Faroe Islands
Torshavn, coastal town in sunset.
Torshavn, Capitol of the Faroe Islands

I spent a night in the port town of Hirtshals in Denmark before heading inland and south into Germany. Whilst in Hirtshals, I visited the Nordsoen Oceanarium. This was an amazing place to get up close to all kinds of ocean life such as sharks, rays and seals. Below is the best of what I captured.

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